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Twilight Series - Book 2 - New Moon

Bella and Edward continue giving us a peek at the events that bind. Enthralling and true to form, relationship encounters and general love and entanglement at its core, for us all, the second book in the series sends us to another level, briefly, wonderfully, yet in further detail.....   Common, yet not commonly discussed, natural and permissible ties that bind.



By Stephenie Meyer

Twilight - Book One of Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

A book introduced to me by my daughter. Suspense and romance for young adults. A combination of fictional and thrilling events and good home town adolescent intrigue. Classification in book stores is Young Adult but great for an adult too. A mother, daughter combo. Bella and Edward give us a tale to be told. And so does author Stephenie Meyer. Next book in series......is New Moon

A Moment of Passion-The Ladies Book of Pleasure 2

This novel has a villain and love. A perfect combination to make this read very interesting and far from boring. That's the way life is !!!  I read the sample beginning on Kindle. Can't wait to read the book. Thought provoking and rich in an era gone by. Written by Jess Michaels.